# F.A.Q.

# Why is there no keymapper included in Bliss OS?

Q: Many users ask why is there no keymapper included in Bliss OS?
A: We have not found any open source keymappers, so we won't put our users data in jeopardy just for that.

We are slowly starting to work with a small group of developers interested in creating an open-source on-screen keymapper for keyboard/mouse and gampads, so please spread the word about that and help us gain some interest.

For those lost as to why we want to ensure security there, a gaming keymapper will redirect any input from the users device, and can even run when a game is not loaded. So it has the potential to grab passwords, banking info, etc. We don't trust anything we can't sift through the source of enough these days, so this is why we haven't included one as of yet

Q: What is Android-Generic Project?
A: Android-Generic Project is a collection of scripts, manifests & patches that allow for rapid prototyping of Android projects based off AOSP to produce generic images for Linux PC hardware as well as others. For a more in-depth description of the goals and progressions leading up to this project, please read This Blog Post

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