# Touch orientation

# Touch Orientation

# Requirements:

  • System mounted as RW
  • Booted into Debug mode (or using root and terminal)
  • Knowledge on how to use common linux commands like cat, ls, etc.

# Process:

First, you are going to want to get your device uevent from /sys/class/dmi/id/uevent:

cat /sys/class/dmi/id/uevent

Then find a good string to look for from it, like we do here

Your device may also require a couple accel opt_scale options too. Example:

    set_property ro.iio.accel.order 102
    set_property ro.iio.accel.x.opt_scale -1
    set_property ro.iio.accel.y.opt_scale -1

Once done, save the file and reboot. If it works, please submit the changes as a PR to our device_generic_common repo