# Gearlock

# Gearlock Info

# Supported Gearlock Extensions

Bliss OS devs do occasionally create Gearlock Extensions also, and those can be found here: https://sourceforge.net/projects/blissos-dev/files/Android-Generic/PC/gearlock_extensions/

You can also find more extensions on the https://supreme-gamers.com/r/ site. Not all of those are compatible with our versions of Android, so please read carefully.

# Gearlock Kernel Commands

(these are passed through Grub CLI)

Gearlock kernel command lines:

  • NOSC=0 Disables supercharging
  • NOGFX=0 Skips loading Gearlock GPU drivers at recovery-mode (needed for vulkan and old-modprobe modes)
  • NORECOVERY=0 Disables recovery countdown
  • ALWAYSRECOVERY=0 Enters Recovery by default

To disable bootsound you have to use gearlock > more > settings > bootsound Or you can also use your own by editing /[data] [system] /ghome/.gearlockrc