# Build Filenames

The filenames we use contain some important information about what all is included in the builds.

BlissOS-(Version)-(Device Type)-(Build Date)_k-(Kernel)_m-(Mesa)_(App Services)_(Extras).iso


This will be Bliss OS 11.x or 14.x, depending on what version of Android we are compiling.

Device Type:

  • x86/x86_64 :- Device Type 32bit/64bit

Build Date:

This will be the julian date-time from when the compile started.

Kernel & Mesa:

  • _k-xxxxx :- Kernel Branch - ex: k-kernel-5.4
  • _m-xxxxx :- Mesa Branch - ex: m-r-x86 (r/r-x86 means stock Mesa branch in current manifest)

App Services:

Stock - Normally barebones, minimal apps added. Perfect for product testing
FOSS - Includes Free and Open Source app store solutions
Gapps/GMS - Includes Google Play Services

  • foss/gms/emugapps :- Apps Type


Sometimes we will include extras into the builds, and that identifier will show in the last section.

Our Native-Bridge variations are also added to this section.

  • houdini/libvndk :- Native-Bridge Type